The family just got bigger

I picked up an xbox on Sunday. Not for gaming, though I guess it will be used a bit for that as well, but mostly the idea is to use it as a media player to play DVDs, dvix and xvid movies. By hooking it up to my local network it should be easy to configure it to stream straight from my file server. So I might get away without changing the harddrive but I still need to install the mod chip when I get it.

I’ve had it with computers and their crappy tv-out support and it requiring three reboots and a lot of cable switching to get a picture on my television. With an xbox all I’ll ever have to do is to press the power button, and it’s all there. That’s the way it’s supposed to be!

And it’s back

Sorry for the unreliable service this week. I’ve switched over to being self hosted from my closet by a mac mini I picked up in the beginning of the week. Unfortunately after I did the dns switch over I ended up with a huge pile of work on my desk at work, so with the long days and other commitments I didn’t really have time to finish up all the loose ends.

Today I finally managed to import my exported wordpress database without messing up the character sets too much. Just that little task proved quite difficult when I noticed I couldn’t use mysqldump anymore on my previous host. But in the end I managed to get the data over and fixed all the problems I’ve noticed.

I already notice a huge speed increase but that’s naturally because I’m on the same local network as the web server, but hopefully the site is faster for you others as well.


JRuby is quite a sweet thing. I started playing around a bit with it today and did this stupid program:

require ”java” include_class ”java.util.Random” 5.times do |i| random = print ”#{random.nextInt}\n” end

As I said, a stupid program, but it shows how to access Java classes from inside of Ruby.


Since Sunday afternoon I’ve almost had a constant pounding headache. It could be because of exhaustion from 25manna, a big orienteering competition that took place outside of Stockholm last weekend, where I ran the last leg of the relay. Or the headache could be from standing in oil fumes from the newly oiled floors at work. Or maybe it’s a combination. Pretty annoying to have a head that feels like it’s about to explode though.